It's Fall!  Celebrate with a....

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Fall Harvest and Craft Beer Tasting


Do you have a little cowpoke about to celebrate a birthday?

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Throw him (or her) a

Wild West Cowboy Party

It's Football Season

Celebrate with a

Pregame Brunch Party Ideas

Pre-game Brunch!

From the decorations to the menu we have added our own 'twist' to Thanksgiving.

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A Twist on Tradition

Ahhhh.....Memories of Thanksgivings past!  Mom's Pumpkin Pie, Aunt Flo's Sweet Potatoes, Dad carving the turkey; all are part of the Thanksgiving story!  Although we love tradition, we also think starting new traditions add to future memories.  From the decorations to the menu we have added our own 'twist' to Thanksgiving.  Enjoy, and may many blessings come to you and your family this holiday season!!

The Invite

Send an invitation that sets the tone for a 'twist on tradition'.  We found this one on Etsy and think it fits the bill. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invitation2.jpg

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invitation.jpg

Customized Cootie Catcher

The Scene

  • A prominently placed Thanksgiving themed poster...See activities
  • Colors- Autumn red, pine cone brown, ivory and the 'twist'...cool Aqua!
  • The center piece - White pumpkins
  • Customized Cootie Catchers placed at every place setting.
  • A Fall wreath placed in the entry welcomes your guests...Add an aqua ribbon.
  • Linens...After all, it is Thanksgiving!
  • Shiny chrome place card holders...'Twist': Place a photo of each guest to mark their seat.
  • Everyday white china is perfect...Check out our 'up to date' dinnerware choice!

The Activities

  • What Poster?  The poster placed prominently in the dining room is up for questions.  Secretly remove the poster before serving dessert.  Hand each guest a list of questions about the poster (color, theme, size, etc) to see how attentive your guests are.  The person with the most correct answers wins. 
  • Thank you!  One at a time have each guest turn to their right and thank that person for all that he/she has brought to their life.
  • Gift Exchange- Tradition:  Draw names for Christmas gift exchange.  'Twist'....  Introduce a theme for the gift exchange this year.
  • Do you remember? Deveop a list of questions about family and friends in attendance (How old is grandma? How did Uncle Ed get his scar? When did we meet the Jones?). Read the questions and have guests record their answers.  The most correct answers wins.

The Prizes


The Favors

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Prize2.jpg

The Menu- (Not your Grandma's fare!!!)

The Beverage



The Music

    Thanksgiving- A Windham Hill Collection

    The perfect background to activities and dinner