It's Fall!  Celebrate with a....

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Fall Harvest and Craft Beer Tasting


Do you have a little cowpoke about to celebrate a birthday?

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Throw him (or her) a

Wild West Cowboy Party

It's Football Season

Celebrate with a

Pregame Brunch Party Ideas

Pre-game Brunch!

Bon Voyage- saying goodbye is always hard...But sending them off in style, well...  


Going Away Party

Whether it's your best friend, a neighbor, a collegue or a family member,

saying goodbye is always hard...

But sending them off in style, well that can be a lot of fun!! 

Whether they're moving across town, across the country or across the globe

    a gathering of their friends is the perfect way to bid them adieu.



Bags are packed, and they're ready to go.  Send them off to their new destination with these on-line invitations from evite.com. Ask each guest to bring a small memento that depicts their relationship with the guest(s) of honor.

Set the Scene

  • Flags of the state/country where your guest(s) of honor will be moving can be hung or set about.  Use the flag to determine the color theme for your party
  • Bon Voyage Posters conspicously hung around the room.   
  • Decorate with memorabelia reflecting the location where your GOH will be moving. 
  • Place a large basket at the front door and ask arriving guests to put their memento in the basket.


  • Set up a video camera, to film guests saying goodbye to the guest(s) of honor.  Make the video camera a going away gift. Use a personalized life size cutout of the guest(s) of honor as a backdrop for the video.
  • Give each guest paper and pen.  Ask them to make a list of activities that await the guest(s) of honor in their new town/country (make certain everyone understands that the activities must be unique to the new location).  Ask the guests to read their lists to the group. Have the other guests decide if the activities are truly unique to new location (or not.....). The guest with the longest list wins the game.
  • Gather everyone around, seating the guest(s) of honor in a comfy chair.  Have the GOH examine the contents of the 'momento basket', pulling out each item, one at a time.  Ask them to guess who contributed the item it to the basket.  The stories are sure to start flowing!  You might want to have a box of tissues handy.

Party Favors


Party Prizes




Eagles : The Very Best Of - with songs like Take it Easy, Tequila Sunrise, Already Gone, On the Border, Hotel California.  You'd think they wrote these songs specifically for a going away party!