It's Fall!  Celebrate with a....

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Fall Harvest and Craft Beer Tasting


Do you have a little cowpoke about to celebrate a birthday?

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Throw him (or her) a

Wild West Cowboy Party

It's Football Season

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Pregame Brunch Party Ideas

Pre-game Brunch!

Strawberry flowers are in bloom and berries soon to follow!   Strawberry festivals will soon be popping up all over the country.  

Celebrate the strawberry season with a.....

Starwberry Fest

**P a r t y**  
Strawberry flowers are in bloom and berries soon to follow!   Strawberry festivals will soon be popping up all over the country.  The oldest Strawberry festival is in Glenwood Springs, Colorado celebrating for more than 110 years.   In the 1920's Marysville, Wa. touted being "The Strawberry Capital of the World" with over 2,000 acres of berries.  Today the largest Strawberry festival is in Poteet, Texas...With a 7' tall, 1600 lb concrete strawberry replica...You know they are proud of this event!!  Create your own mini festival and have a "Strawberry Party"!
The Inivite....
We say custom!  Easy online ordering makes this
invitation the perfect introduction to your party.
Be sure to include what to wear...  Strawberry pickin' gear!


A poster on the front door greets your guests!
Set the Scene...
  • The backyard is just the place for this fun afternoon with family and friends.  Picnic tables with checkered tablecloths, buckets filled with strawberry candies at each guests' plate and utensils wrapped in napkins and tied with raffia.
  • A "wash tub" for thestrawberry  bobbing contest.
  • Old fashioned bushel baskets filled with decorative strawberries.
  • Using poster board draw giant strawberries (18"-20"), cut out and hang from the trees (cut a head shape hole in the middle of one of these strawberries for a photo-op)!
  • Start the festivities at your local Strrawberry U-pick farm.  Spend a half hour or so...The guest who has picked the most, the largest and the funniest looking strawberries, wins prizes.  All get to take home their strawberries. 
  • Bobbing for strawberries-  Fill a "wash tub" with water, add ice cubes and strawberries.  Set a timer for two minutes for each contestant.  The one who retrieves the most strawberries wins! 
  • Strawberry pie eating contest-  Fill aluminum pie plates (one for each contestant) with store bought strawberry pie filling, topped with whipped cream.  Ask the participants to hold their hands behind their back and on Ready...Set...GO, they begin.  First clean plate wins!!  (Great for kids...Of all ages)
  •  Strawberry Toss- Use a black sharpie to mark the seeds on small Red Water Balloons and tie green ribbons on the end.  Fill with water to make your strawberryballoons.  Place all in a large bushel basket.  Divide players into teams of two, facing each other in a long line.  Players toss balloons to each other, then one line steps back after each toss.  If the strawberry breaks that team is out.  The remaining team wins!!


  • Mini buckets filled with strawberry  candies 
  • A strawberry   plant from your local farmers market 
The Menu...
The Beverage...

Balsamic Chicken



Magical Mystery Tour


The Music...
Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles..."  Strawberry Fields Forever"