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Fall Harvest and Craft Beer Tasting


Do you have a little cowpoke about to celebrate a birthday?

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Throw him (or her) a

Wild West Cowboy Party

It's Football Season

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Pregame Brunch Party Ideas

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Bride To Be

Shower Her with a
Spa Party!
 She's spent months planning and organizing her wedding, and now it's just weeks before the big day. A spa themed bridal shower will be a perfect interlude before the frenzy leading up to the day she says "I do."


There are lots of choices; from formal printed, to online invitations, or even making your own.  The key is to blend the traditional bridal shower with a spa theme. 
  • This spa online invitation depicts the serenity of a spa and can be personalized for her bridal shower.
  • Or make your own.  Not that creative?  Both online and local stores now offer services that allow you to create and/or customize, allowing you to make the perfect invitation.
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Set the Scene
Soft soothing music, the sound of gently falling water, aromas that sooth the body and soul....yes, your guests will feel like they just stepped into a spa.
  • Arrange sachets in flat dishes for your tables.  They are quite 'girly' and make a perfect party favor.
  • In keeping with the relaxing, soothing spa ambiance; scented candles are decorative items that can be given away at the end of the party, and they will keep the mood tranquil.
  • For the buffet table- clear glass bowls.  Use flowers, in the brides colors.  Look for blooms that have a soothing, fragrant aroma such as gardenias, lilacs, lavendar, or roses.  
  • Floating White Orchid Candles

Hire someone to provide manicures, pedicures and facials for the bride and guests.  Many spas in your local area should provide these services.  Call ahead to make arranghements. With a glass of wine, champagne or sherbet punch in hand who wouldn't enjoy having their toes painted Pink Before You Leap?  There are also a number of great bridal shower games that will make this day all the more memorable:

    • Dress the Bride - After all the pampering, have the guests make wedding dresses out of toilet paper.  It's truly amazing what beautiful creations your guests will come up with!
    • Wedding Night Practice- Practice makes perfect, right?  Can't have a bridal shower without exposing the bride (just a bit) to what's ahead on her wedding night.  With this activity she'll be ready for just about anything.
    • Bridal Shower Memory Book - While your guests are enjoying their pedicures ask them to make entries in the Bride's Memory Book.  Something she will treasure forever.
Prizes and Party Favors 
Incorporate the spa theme and bride's wedding colors when selecting several small gifts.
•    Sachets
•    Teas
•    Tea cups – check out antique stores for unique tea cups.
•    Candles
•    Picture frames
•    Soaps  
Keep it light.  The bride and her bridesmaids have probably been dieting for weeks.
....And for dessert
Keep it soothing.  After all, this is a girl's party and you wouldn't want to hamper the chit chat, or miss anything that is being said.  Choices for spa music are plenty, so have fun choosing what you like best