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Do you have a little cowpoke about to celebrate a birthday?

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Wild West Cowboy Party

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A special way to Celebrate the day, with a....
Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
March 2nd is Theodor Seuss Geisel's (Dr. Seuss's) birthday.  Or, it could be March 4th, no one really knows for sure....That is Sooo Dr. Seuss!!  He is widely known for his children's books; over 60 in print!!  One of his most famous quotations is "Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You".  A perfect quote for a most important birthday, don't you think?
You can Plan a day, You can Plan a birthday, You can do it Our way....Oh the Plans you can make...! 

Horton invites your guests with these cuter than cute invites!

Include what to bring- a favorite Dr. Seuss book

What to wear- dress as a favorite Dr. Seuss character

All the details- date, time and location

Set the Scene

The hat as a center piece on the party table..."The Cat in the Hat"

Release helium filled balloons throughout the party room ...."Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

Let the characters of Dr. Seuss welcome your guests at the door

Hang kites from the ceiling "Great Day for Up"




Organize a relay race with children putting on and taking off gloves ...."Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!"

Tongue twister contest with kids repeating phrases from the book  "Fox in Socks" , faster and faster, eliminating contestants as they become tongue tied, until only one remains.

Place stars on the bellies of the children...."Sneetches"

Animal Cookie decorating... Dr. Suess is all about the animals!  Have the kids decorate animal shaped sugar cookies.  We found our cookie cutters at IKEA, perfect for a  Dr. Suess party!!  Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe or use Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough, have frosting and sprinkles at hand.  Cover the table with a plastic cloth and let the kids go crazy!  Give prizes for funniest, cutest, etc.  "Dr. Suess's ABC"

Guess who?  Each guest stands in front of the group in costume and everyone guesses who they are.  The child with the most correct guesses wins!

Guessing what?  Select random characters and phrases from the books the kids brought.  Whoever guesses correctly gets a point.  The most points win!!




Dr. Seuss Little Notebooks ....bring out the young writer


The "centerpiece" Hat


Goldfish in a fish bowl "Cat in the Hat"


"Horton Hears A Who" Spinning Top               

suesssammie.jpg Menu

"Roast and toast...Slice and dice... Cooking lunch is oh so nice."

Gone 'Fishin' Celery Boats - "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish"
Green Eggs and Ham Sandwiches - "Green Eggs and Ham" 
"Sam I Am" Sammies- "Green Eggs and Ham"
Moose Moss Munch - "Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose"

Animal Cookies (from decorating contest)- "Dr. Suess's ABC"
Schlopp - Ice Cream Sundaes with Hot Caramel Sauce and Hot fudge Sauce (be sure to have whip cream and gummy candies for topping!!) "Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!"

Zink-A-dink--Pink-DrinkWe think Dr. Seuss would approve!




Songs From Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss Presents: Fox in Socks - audio CD