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Fall Harvest and Craft Beer Tasting


Do you have a little cowpoke about to celebrate a birthday?

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Throw him (or her) a

Wild West Cowboy Party

It's Football Season

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Pregame Brunch Party Ideas

Pre-game Brunch!

 Into the Night.....
Bridal Shower
centerpiece bridal shower

You are the groom’s mom (an aunt or Mom’s best friend, etc...etc...etc) and wanting to throw a "with-it" shower for the Bride To Be!  Here is the plan...Host a luncheon in the Brides honor followed by a night on the town with her gal pals.  Make it special, and all about her!!  The perfect gifts???  Lingerie of coarse!!  Start the afternoon with a gourmet “low cal” menu that looks FAB.  After all, the bride, bride's maids and Mom  are all watching their waist lines.  After lunch…games and gifts!  Reserve a room at a downtown hotel and arrange to have a limo pick up the girls from the luncheon  (have bubbly and the Bachelorette CD for the ride).  Arrange with the maid of honor to plan the evening of fun.  Make sure the limo is there to pick them up in the morning and bring them back to your place!!


Here's the perfect invite...Customize to the bride's colors.   Order coordinating thank you notes to send out with the invites...Ask the guests to write their own thank you, address the envelope, add a stamp and bring to the party!!  These will act as part of their gift to the bride saving her time and stress of having to write those testy thank you notes.  Make it fun for all and have the bride read them aloud as she opens the gifts.
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Set the Scene
Let the Bride's colors dictate your decor....
  • It's all about the table - Use a tablecloth in a solid color with a Tulle overlay, then bring out the china, silver and crystal.  Use the extra tulle to tie a big bow around the dining chair backs.
  • Use these diamond ring key chains as napkin holders and a "take home" for the guests.
  • Diamond Confetti scattered on the table.
  • Glass vases filled with beautiful rose bouquets.
  • A collage of photos showing the bride through the years.
  • A mirrored serving tray with cocktail glasses filled with sparkling baubles (crystals, sparkling costume jewelry, etc.)
  • Famous couples- Give each guest a list with names of one half of famous couples printed on it.  Ask the guests to complete the list with the names of the people that make up the other half of the famous couples.  Set the time for 5-10 minutes.  Most correct answers wins.  See our list!!
  • What's in Your Purse- Make a list, or use ours, of 20 (plus) items you would expect to find in a woman's purse.  Assign point values and then have the guests look through their purses to find the items.  The most points win.
  • You Don't Say- Clip a clothespin on each guests collar.  Instruct each guest to not use the bride or groom's name for the afternoon. Any guest that catches someone who's slipped and used a "forbidden" name gets to "steal" that guests clothespin.  The one with the most pins wins!
  • Thank you notes- The bride reads the guests' accompanying thank you notes after opening their gifts.  This can be very fun....even FUNNY!!
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