What happened??

Just yesterday she was a little girl, thrilled with 36 count packages of Walgreen valentines and the Costco cupcakes you brought to her classroom.  Now, she's hit junior high and is suddenly asking for a party with boys (it was so much easier when she HATED boys!!).  This year throw her a party that she and her friends are guarenteed to love! Head to the mall for a Valentine themed scavenger hunt!   

It's a Valentine's Day Party For Teens!!

(Are you the mom of a teen boy?  No worries; this party will work for you, too!!)



Use a conversation heart themed invitation to invite the teens to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Request that parents drop the kids off at the mall and pick them up at your place.


Valentines Day Party Invitation.jpg


Set the Scene

It's about hearts and flowers... It is (after all) Valentine's Day!

  • Cover the serving table with a Valentine themed tablecloth
  • Fill pedestal bowls with red, white and pink M&Ms
  • String red holiday lights around the room
  • Place conversation heart window clings on the front windows to greet the kids when they arrive
  • Hang a lighted heart with arrow on the wall
  • Place a rosebud centerpiece on the serving table. Purchase oasis floral foam at the craft store; piece it into a heart shaped cake pan wrapped with a wide red and pink ribbon, to hide the pan.  Insert rosebuds into the foam, placing them as close together as possible.  Water the foam, according to package instructions.
  • Sprinkle conversation hearts around the centerpiece


  • Arrange for the kid's to meet at the smoothie shop in your local mall and start the party with their favorite drink.  Next, send them off in teams of two, with their cell phone cameras, for a "Valentine Themed Scavenger Hunt".  Have everyone meet back at the smoothie shop in 1 hour.  The team that captures the most items (with their cell phone camera) on the scavenger hunt list wins the game.  Now, transport the kids back to your place for food and more games (you may need the assistance of some of the other parents to transport the kids).
  • Fill a container with conversation hearts and have the kids guess how many hearts are in the container.  The teen with the closest answer wins the game.
  • Love "Spell".  Divide the group into teams of two,  Give each team a pen and a piece of paper with the words "Valentine's Day" written at the top.  Now, instruct them to come up with as many words as they can out of the letters in "Valentine's Day".  Set the timer for 15 minutes.  The team with the most words wins.


  • "Name the Famous Couples".  Write the names of famous romantic couples (that the teens should know) on slips of paper.  Place the slips in a bowl.  Divide the group into two teams and have each team member take a slip.  Now have everyone take a turn standing up in front of their team, and without using proper names, give clues about the romantic couple they've drawn. Each team gets 1 minute to correctly guess who the couple is.  The team with the most correct guesses wins the game...



Party Favors

  • Loot Bags; filled with Hershey's Kisses, conversation hearts, itunes gift cards and movie tickets.


Choose 'teen friendly' foods for the hungry kids... 




Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas