summer's almost over

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Host a

Labor Day Party

to 'celebrate' the last gasp of summer!!


Create your own invitation.  Use your favorite 'end of summer' image to invite friends over to celebrate this Labor Day.

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  • Choose bright summer colors.  We took our theme from the season and chose aqua and yellow.  Dress up the table with an herb sprig on each napkin and a small vase of flowers at each place setting.


Since this is the unofficial 'last weekend of summer', pull out all the stops.  Let the fun begin.....With lots of games and activities for all ages!!

  • The Balloon Game - This game is best played outside.  All the contestants are given a balloon.  The object of the game is to keep the balloon in the air, and the contestants can only use their heads.  No hands, feet or any other body part can touch the balloon.  Also, the balloon can't touch the ground.  The last one left butting a balloon with their head is the winner.
  • Coin Pass Game - Divide the group into teams of 5 players.  Each team forms a line.  The first person in the line is given a penny, which is placed on the back of their hand.  Without using their other hand, or anything else, the player has to pass the penny to the back of the hand of the person next in line.  The penny is passed, back of hand to back of hand, until it gets to the last person in line.  If at any time the penny falls, it has to go back to the first player in line.  The first team to pass the penny to the end of the line, without dropping it, is the winning team.
  • Also.....

    Give your guests the ability to keep summer going a little bit longer with....


    Summer Berry Candles

    Party Prizes

    Cherry Chipoltle Grilling Sauce

    Summer House Cookbook

    Summer Garden Jigsaw Puzzle

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    Pina Coladas- make them as virgins for the kids


     Coming soon.....

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    Oh well,

    Happy Labor Day!!