Tis the Season...
Holiday Cookie Exchange Party
Remember Mom baking for days, preparing dozens and dozens of beautiful Christmas cookies?  Remember sneaking in to take a taste of the batter, grabbing a cookie fresh from the oven and (of  course) picking out the best cookie for Santa's plate?  Wonderful memories and those we want to recreate... But who has the time??  So, this year; why not have a "Cookie Exchange Party"??

One look at these invites and you know that you are in for a yummy time!!  Invite all your "baker" friends and family...Ask them to bring their favorite holiday cookies for all to try, and a dozen cookies for each guest to take home with them.   How great is that...?  Bake your favorite cookie recipe, go to a party and come home with all of your holiday baking complete!!!  Also, request that each guest bring copies of their cookie recipe to give away with the take home cookies.  RSVP's a must so everyone knows how many cookies to bring!
Set the Scene
Oh my gosh... is this easy or what..?  You already have your holiday decorations up!!  Just add:
  • Dessert plates and red paper napkins keep it simple and we are all about simple during the holidays...!
  • Glass mugs for hot buttered rum and spiced cider.
  • A special  platter for holiday treats! 
  • A buffet table draped in a holiday tablecloth.
  • This festive cookie jar makes a perfect centerpiece and prize for a guest.
  • Ring My Bell-  Give guests a "bracelet" (made from pipe cleaners) with a bell on it.  Instruct each guest to take the bell (or bells) of a fellow guest whenever they hear that guest use the word "cookie" or "delicious".  The guest with the most bells at the end of the party wins!
  • Secret Ingredient-  Ask each guest to bring a copy of their cookie recipe, excluding one major ingredient.  Pass out paper and pencils, then pass the recipes around the room and have guests guess (and write down) the missing ingredient for each recipe.  The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize!!
  • Charades in the kitchen- Divide the guests into two teams (odd man out is you).  Just like charades, except you're using culinary terms.  Make up cards with traditional holiday treats (ie peanut brittle, fudge, etc.) written on them.  One team member "acts out" the treat written on a card and the rest of the team must correctly guess which treat it is. The team with the most correct answers wins cookie cutters!!
  • The Exchange- Each guest is given a "to go box", (be sure to purchase by the case and save!!).  Guests select the cookies they would like to take home.  Make sure you have wax paper on hand to layer the cookies.  Set limits on how many cookies of each kind guests can take. You might also want to ask your guests to bring their cookies to the party prepackaged in the right quantity.


Small bites with a bit of a crunch, salt and spice to
compliment the sweet treats!