Chinese New Year Party Ideas.jpg 
begins on February 10, 2013
It's the Year of the Snake 
Let’s have a party…. 
Why not use a Chinese fan? 
Open the fan and use a black Sharpie to write the party info directly on the fan.  Then slip the folded fan into a manila envelope (take one of the fans with you to your local office store and find envelopes that are sized properly for your fans). Be sure to instruct your guests to wear red to ensure good luck throughout the year.


Set the Scene..... 
  • Welcome guests with a good luck poster hanging on the door.  Hang it upside down, to capture luck for the up-coming year.
  • Hang “Chinese” red fabric on the walls. 
  • Red table coverings (use the same fabric as was used on the walls). 
  • Bamboo plants (which signify compatibility, utility and flexibility). 
  • Clear glass vases filled with tangerines (for good luck) and others filled with customized fortune cookies (to ensure a sweet year) .  Alternate them on the serving table. 
  • Blooming plants (“Lucky is the home that has a plant that blooms on New Year’s Day, for that foretells a year of prosperity”).  Some possibilities include plum blossom, pussy willow, azalea, peony, water lily and narcissus. Place around the room. 
  • Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. 
  • Lots of red candles! 


  • Confucius Says” Game - use proverbs from Confucius.  Write one half of the proverb on an index card and the other half on another index card.  Repeat with other Confucius sayings until you have enough index cards for all of your guests.  Pass out the cards and instruct the guests to find the other half of their proverb.  The first guests to find their other half win.  It will be fun to see what “proverbs” the guests come up with. This is certain to get you’re your guests talking!
  • “Chop Stick Pick Up” game.  Have guests pick up peas, grains of rice, kernels of un-popped popcorn, hazelnuts in the shell, and other items that are difficult to pick up with chopsticks.  Start with one item and have each guest try to pick it up with chopsticks.  Whoever is unable to pick the item up is disqualified.  Continue with different items until only the winner remains.
  • Party poppers (noise wards off the evil spirits).  Let’s make NOISE at midnight!!
Party Favors  
  • Red envelopes containing Starbucks/iTune gift cards.
  • Send your guests home with a cellophane bag full of fortune cookies from the serving table.
  • Chinese coins for good luck.  



  • Six pack of Chinese beer
  • Bottle of Litchi liquor
  • Bamboo plant 



To make this party really simple consider ordering "take out" from your favorite Chinese restaurant, or we recommend preparing these dishes....    

* Serve in Chinese "take out" containers with chopsticks!




Chinese New Years Music - by Heart of the Dragon Ensemble