Mother's Day Brunch


No matter what you call her...

Mother, Mom, Mama, Moeder, Majka, Mamm, Nana, Abatyse, Mor,

Mutter, Mana, Mère, Makuahine, Máthair, Okaasan,

Emak, Mai, Mam, Anne, Amma or Muter...

Make this Mother's Day memorable. 

 Invite Mom's family and close friends to celebrate a brunch for her

and all the Moms!



Create your own invitations at Zazzle.comThese iris invitations are beautiful...Perfect for Mom!  If you like, you can insert a picture of Mom.



purple floral tablecloth

Set the Scene


  • Choose a color theme, perhaps your Mom's favorite color.  We've chosen dark blue and lavender, represented in the Iris flower.  Iris in Greek means rainbow.  Rather fitting for Mother's Day, as we celebrate a rainbow of beautiful women all over the world. 
  • Find a picture of Mom and make it into a large poster.
  • A Brylane purple tablecloth and matching napkins, perfect for the occasion.
  • A fresh iris bouquet to decorate the brunch buffet table.  Then give it to Mom to take home.
  • Complete your table setting with Hamptons Violet Dinner Plates.
  • Bowls of Jordan Almonds (in lavendar, of course) placed about.
  • Have the kids make a big 'Happy Mother's Day' banner.  Give them crayons or paints in the colors of the party and some tips/ideas about the design.  For younger children you may want to do the printing and have them do the coloring.


  • Learn about Mom - Get out the video camera!  This is a great time to ask Mom questions about her past and capture it all on video. Have each person ask her one question. Nothing too personal, of course.  Find out what she liked best about school, who her first friend was, what her earliest memory is, the first boy she kissed, or her happiest memory.  You can share the video with everyone after the brunch on sites such as shutterfly.com.

  • How Well does Mom Know Her Kids?  This game is fun, no matter the age of the 'kids'.  Send Mom to another room, far enough away that she won't be able to hear.  The 'kids' are then asked questions about themselves.  You can ask questions such as: favorite color, favorite food, the most upset Mom ever was with them or what they like best about Mom.  Have Mom come back in the room and see how many of the questions Mom can get right.  Give a prize to the 'kid' who stumps Mom the most, to the Mom who knows her kid best, to the kid with the funniest response.  Make up your own prize categories.

Party Favors

Party Prizes



Shrimp Cream Puffs
Pecan Cinnamon Rolls
Apple Chicken Salad with Basil and Mint
Asparagus, Mushroom, and Ricotta Pie
Garden TomatoGratin


White Wine Sangria

Sparkling Fruit Punch

white sangria 2




Mother: Songs Celebrating Mothers & Motherhood



Happy Mother's Day