What You'll Need:
  • A suit case
  • A scarf or something equivalent to blindfold the bride-to-be
  • Items that the bride can put on (men's underwear, nylons, rubber gloves, see-through nightie, curlers, etc.)
  • A camera, for taking pictures (her new husband will want to see these)
How It's Played:

Explain to the bride that the wedding and reception are over and that she and her new husband have retired for the evening.  Now blind fold her and hand her a suitcase.  She must  put on everything that is in the suitcase.  Inside the suitcase you have placed things like men’s underwear, nylons, rubber gloves, a see-through nightie, curlers, a hair net, and anything else that you can think of that would be fun for dressing the bride-to-be .  Take lots of pictures, of course.