Choucroute Garnie
A french peasant dish that could easily become your favorite comfort food.

PREP TIME:  45 min.

COOK TIME: 5 hr.

2# sauerkraut in plastic bag
1/2 lb bacon coarsely chopped
1 large red onion peeled and diced
3 carrots – sliced
Olive Oil
1 tart apple diced (don’t peel just core)
1 T caraway seeds
10 juniper berries
4 parsley sprigs
6 peppercorns
2 bay leaves
1 c dry white wine
4c chicken stock
1 1/2 lbs sausage (bratwurst or chicken brat)
6 smoked pork chops
  1. Preheat oven 325 degrees
  2. Place the sauerkraut in a large bowl cover with cold water and soak for 30 minutes.
  3. Fry bacon until almost crisp and set aside on paper towels.
  4. Add onion and carrots add additional olive oil if needed and sauté until just softened, remove and reserve.
  5. Drain sauerkraut – squeeze to remove as much water as you can.
  6. Spread sauerkraut in the bottom of a large pan with lid.
  7. Stir in bacon, onion, carrots and apple.
  8. Put juniper berries, parsley, peppercorns and bay leaf in a cheesecloth sack and toss into mixture.
  9. Add wine and enough chicken stock to cover.
  10. Place on top of the stove over med heat and bring mixture to a simmer, then put in the oven and
  11. cook 5 hrs.
  12. Stir occasionally and add chicken stock as needed except toward the end to allow the liquid to evaporate before serving.