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Pirate Ship Cake

Shiver me timbers, it's a pirate cake!!!
PREP TIME:  90 min.
COOK TIME: 25 min.
2 packages of your favorite cake mix
2 containers of ready made chocolate frosting
Root beer barrel candies (rum barrels)
Chocolate malt balls (cannon fodder)
12 rolled wafers (deck railing)
14 lemon cookies (port holes)
4 bamboo skewers (masts)
White printer paper, cut into sails
  1. Bake the cakes in 9"x13" cake pans according to package directions. 
  2. After cakes have completely cooled, cut each cake into 6"x13" rectangles.  Set aside the smaller pieces to use later.  Place one rectangle on top of the other and cut the end nearest you into a "V" shape to form the bow. Remove the top layer, frost the bottom layer and replace the top layer.  Frost all sides of the "ship".
  3. Using the smaller pieces of cake, cut two pieces into 3"x3" squares.  Frost the top of one piece and place the other on top.  Frost all sides of the square.  Place the 3"x3" cake square on the stern (back) of the "ship" with 1/2"-1" hanging over the edge of the stern (back).  Use two bamboo skewers to secure this section to the back of the "ship".
  4. Apply lemon cookies to the sides of the "ship" to create the portholes.  Line the edges of the ship with rolled wafers, cutting to size, where necessary.  Stack root beer barrel candies and chocolate malt balls on the fore deck.  Skewer the sails and insert in cake.  Add a Jolly Roger flag.  Optional - decorate with a treasure chest and pirate figures.