Product Review

Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese Balls


As you know, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Trader Joe's, and the majority of the foods we find there.  So, we're always disappointed when we try a Trader Joe's product and don't care for it.  Sadly, this was the case with TJ's frozen Mac and Cheese Balls.  OK, we need to confess that we aren't big mac and cheese fans (sorry if that sounds "un-American"!!); but even if we were; we wouldn't have been in love with these cheesy little balls.  Why not?  Well for one thing, we were expecting a slightly crunchy exterior.  Not so with these.... In fact, they were a bit on the soggy side.  Also, we thought they tasted like instant/boxed mac and cheese- nothing special.  When we purchased them, we thought they might be a novel treat that our guests would enjoy.  After testing them, we didn't find the "WOW" factor we look for in an appetizer, so won't purchase them again.  Here are our findings:

  • Appearance- Looked like the photo on the box.  Score "B"
  • Flavor- Tasted like boxed mac and cheese- nothing special.  Score "C"
  • Texture- A bit on the soggy side.  "D"
  • Cost- $3.99 for a box of 10- WAY too expensive for what we got.  Score "C minus"

Overall Score: "C minus".  We won't be purchasing these again.  Sorry TJ's!!