Product Review

Nancy's Mushrooom Turnovers

Last week we noticed that QFC had Nancy's Appetizers on sale for $3.99/box of 12.  We decided to pick up the Mushroom Turnovers and serve them at a dinner party we hosted.  What a success!  They were absolutely delicious with tender pastry and very flavorful filling.  Everyone LOVED them.  Here are our findings:

  • Flavor- Great flavor, in fact delicious- Score "A"
  • Appearance- As shown on the box- Score "A"
  • Preparation- Easy!  Freezer to oven- Score "A"
  • Texture- Tender pastry, great filling- Score "A"
  • Cost- We would have happily paid full price- "A"

Overall score- "A".  We'll look for opportunities to serve these again!