Trader Joe's Frozen Gyoza Potstickers
In 2009 we prepared Chinese Dumplings that we absolutely love!!  They weren't difficult, but there was a fair amount of chopping and stuffing involved.  Additionally, we purchased numerous ingredients (spending $$) to create this yummy appetizer.  Recently, we stumbled across Frozen Potsickers/Gyozas at Trader Joe's for $2.99 for a bag of approx. 21 pieces.  We love Trader Joe's, but don't always feel that their products rival "home made".  Well.... This product not only rivals, but it surpasses the quality of our Chinese Dumplings!  Just open the bag and microwave them for 2 minutes.  What could be easier?  Serve with TJ's Gyoza Sauce (also $2.99 a bottle), and they're as good as dumplings in any Chinese restaurant we've tried.  Great Job TJ's!!
Our Findings.....
  • Flavor- Just like the Chinese restaurants.  Score: A
  • Appearance- Just like the Chinese restaurants.  Score: A
  • Preparation- 2 minutes.. What's better?  Score: A
  • Texture- Tender with enough stuffing.  Score: A
  • Cost- $2.99 for approx. 21 pieces.  Score: A
Overall, we're giving Trader Joe's Gyoza Potstickers an "A".  They receive a 2 thumbs up from the (very picky) Party Saviors!!