Product Review


Trader Joe's Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip

OK.... Usually we love Trader Joe's appetizers, but in this case we're just on the fence.  Last week we picked up TJ's frozen Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip, intrigued by the photo and the ease of preparation (just microwave for 2 minutes) that was promised on the box.  The photo looked delicious, very creamy and cheesy, reminiscent of artichoke dips we've spent well over an hour preparing.  Once we got our purchase home and studied the directions we realized that the cheese topping was going to be stirred into the dip halfway through microwaving.  So, the finished product wasn't going to have gooey cheese on top, as suggested by the photo on the box.  We were also surprised by the fact that the dip doesn't come packaged in a container (it's just a frozen cube of dip wrapped in cellophane), so we scrambled to find a microwave safe dish to heat it in.  As for the taste/texture/appearance; we liked the flavor- we could taste the cheese, spices and the veggies.  The texture put us off a bit; it was very smooth- we were expecting (at least a few) chunks of artichoke.  And the appearance....Well, the color was far greener than the box suggested, and no cheese on top to finish off the look.  Here are our findings:

  • Flavor- We liked the flavor- Score "A"
  • Appearance- Very green- no cheese to finish the look- didn't match the photo on the box- Score "C"
  • Preparation- Easy... Freezer to oven.  But, we had to find a microwave safe dish to heat it in- Score "B"
  • Texture- No chunks of artichoke, as expected. No gooey cheese on top  Just OK- Score "B minus"
  • Cost- $2.97- Great price!- Score "A"

Overall score: "B".  We may serve this to guests in the future.  But before we do, we'll add cheese to the top before serving and make sure we have a "company worthy" microwave safe container to serve it in.