"Oh no, I am out of......!@#^%$@^!#@" How many times have we all been there? And, always at a critical point in the recipe. Not a problem, our emergency substitutions have you covered!



Allspice1 t cinnamon + 1/8t ground. cloves
Apple Pie Spice4 parts cinnamon, 1 part nutmeg, 1 part ginger
Baking Powder (1 t)1 t baking soda + 1/2t cream of tartar
Balsamic vinegar (1 T)1 T cider vinegar
Bread Crumbs (1/4 c)1/4 c finely crushed crackers crumbs, corn flakes or quick cooking oats
Butter (1 lb)7/8 c solid shortening 1/2 t salt
Buttermilk/Sour Milk (1 c)1 c plain yogurt or 1T lemon juice or vinegar and enough milk to = 1c (let stand 5 minutes)
Capers (1 T)1 T chopped green olives
Chili Seasoning2 parts chili powder / 1 part paprika
Chocolate Semisweet (1 sq)1 oz unswt. chocolate / 1 T sugar
Chocolate Unsweetened (1 sq)3 T baking cocoa / 1 T shortening or margarine
Cornstarch (1 T)2 T Flour
Corn Syrup Light (1 c)1 c sugar / 1/4 c water
Corn Syrup Dark (1 c)1 c light corn syrup or 1 c maple syrup or 3/4 c light corn syrup /1/4 c molasses
Cream, heavy (1 c)2/3 c milk / 1/3 c butter
Flour All purpose (1 c)1 c + 2 T cake flour
Flour Cake (1 c)1 c minus 2 T all purpose flour
Flour Self rising (1 c)1 c all purpose / 1 1/2 t baking powder / 1/2 t salt
Garlic, minced (1 clove)1/8 t garlic powder or 1/4 t instant minced garlic or 1/2 t garlic salt.
Ginger root, grated (1 t)3/4 t ground ginger
Herbs (1 T)3/4-1 t dried herbs
Herbes de Provence4 parts thyme and savory / 2 parts lavender / 1 part rosemary
Honey (1 c)1 1/4 c sugar / 1/4 c water (or other liquid from recipe)
Leeks, sliced (1/2 c)1/2 c sliced shallots or green onions
Lemon Juice, fresh 1 T1 T bottled lemon juice or white vinegar
Lemon Peel, grated (1 t)1 t dried lemon peel
Milk (1 c)1/2 c evaporated milk / 1/2 c water
Molasses (1 c)1/2 c honey
Mushrooms, fresh (1 c cooked)1 can (4oz) mushroom stems and pieces drained
Mushrooms (1/2 lb)4 oz can mushroom caps
Mustard (1 T)1 t ground dry mustard
Onion, small 11 T instant minced or 1 t onion powder
Oregano (1 t)1 t marjoram
Poultry SeasoningEqual parts sage / thyme / oregano / marjoram
Pumpkin Pie Spice4 parts cinnamon / 2 parts ginger / 1 part nutmeg and allspice / dash of cloves
Red Pepper Sauce (3-4 drops)1/8 t ground red pepper (cayenne)
Seasoning Salt1 c salt / 2 1/4t paprika / 2 t dry mustard/ 1 t dried oregano / 1 t garlic powder / 1/2 t onion powder
Sesame Seed (1 T)1 T finely chopped blanched almonds
Shortening, melted (1 c)1 c salad oil (does not substitute for solid shortening)
Sour Cream (1 c)1 c plain yogurt
Sugar brown, packed (1 c)1 c gran. Sugar / 2 T molasses or dark corn syrup
Sugar granulated (1 c)1 c light brown sugar (packed) or 2 c powdered sugar
Sugar superfineBlend regular sugar in blender or coffee grinder
Tomato Paste (1/2 c)1 c tomato sauce cooked until reduced to 1/2 c
Tomato Sauce (2 c)3/4 c tomato paste plus 1 c water
Tomatoes, canned (1 c)1 1/3 c fresh cut tomatoes, simmered 10 min.
Wine Vinegar Red (1 c)1 c apple cider or beef broth
Wine Vinegar White (1 c)1 c apple juice / apple cider or chicken broth