"How To" Set The Scene For Halloween!


Bouquets of "blackened roses"- Use black tissue paper.

"Yellowed" Lace Table Topper- Soak a lace topper in weak tea until you acheive the desired color- watch closely, so the lace doesn't get to dark.

Old/Aged Mirrors - Spray mirrors with several coatings of hair spray, so that the mirror appears old and clouded. 

"Ancestral" Portait- Purchase an ornate frame from your local craft store.  With its measurements in hand; take a family member's photo (or download a photo of Edgar Alan Poe off the Internet, like we did) to Kinko's (or other copy center).  Have them enlarge the photo (to fit the size of the frame) and copy it in black and white or sepia.  Now insert the photocopy into the frame and hang your "portrait" on the wall.