Makin' Bacon Party

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It's almost here... 

The day you've been waiting for- National Bacon Day. 

Admit it, you LOVE bacon.


National Bacon Day is an unofficial holiday

celebrated the Saturday before Labor Day, annually!


Piggy Invite



With tickets sold out for the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, guess you'll just have to put on your own festival. 

It wouldn't be a party without the pig.  In honor of the main attraction, send out these pig invitations for a Makin' Bacon Party to all your bacon lovin' friends!



Set the Scene


bacon print3


  • Pass the Pigs Game, a great game for all ages.  Try your luck at rolling a double leaning jowler, a trotter, or maybe a sider. 
  • Pig card game - all you need is a deck of cards and these instructions



Party Prizes


Bacon earrings


Party Favors

Bacon & Maple Syrup Lollipops Bacon Bandages






Blind Pig Records 30th Anniversary Collection

blind pig records

Here are some great sites for all you bacon lovers:


"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds

 if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon."

-- Doug Larson