Saloon Poker Night Party


Guys night in ....Girls night out!!  Plan a poker night for your guy...All he has to do is evite his buds, deal the cards and chow down!  A night the guys will never forget...You may be on the hook for years to come!!



It's an Evite...THE ONLY WAY to reach the guys!!  Includethe games to be played and table limits.




Hang a 'Chuck Wagon' sign from the buffet table, sprinkle Dollar Confetti on the tabletop and place the food.

Game table must haves: Poker Chips & Cards / Texas Hold'em Table Top

Have a little fun and place aSaloon Door Cover on the front door and an Outhouse Door Cover on the 'JOHN' door.

Keep clean up to a minimum with paper plates and Bandana Napkins.

Activity:  It's all about the cards:

  • Texas Hold'em- The most popular poker variation, Texas Hold’em is the game you’ve most likely seen on TV. With two hidden hole cards and five exposed community cards, Hold’em is packed with great action and strategy.  There’s always a game available online, whatever your stakes or skill level.
  • Stud- The preferred game of poker traditionalists, in Seven-Card Stud each player is dealt two cards face down and one face up. After the bring-in (a forced bet made by the smallest card showing) and a betting round, the next three cards are dealt face up with a betting round after each. Final card is dealt face down.
  • Omaha- A high-action game growing in popularity, Omaha is similar to Hold’em but with one major difference: In Omaha you get four hole cards, although you can only use two to comprise your final hand.





Chorizo Fundido

Guacamole- Chipolte Mexican Grill Style

Texas Hold'em Onion Rings

Buffalo 'Hot' Wings

South of the Border Beef and Bean Enchiladas


Guinness Float

Beer &  Whiskey Shots


            Old West Saloon Piano