Fireman Birthday Party



You are in the car...A flashing red light can be seen, a loud siren heard and a big shiny truck goes racing by!!  Your little guy's eyes light up and he says "Mommy, I want to be a fireman".  You can make your birthday boy's wish come true sooner than he thinks with this 'Fireman Birthday Party'!!

The Invitation- 

No guessing what this party is all about with these "Hot" invites!!




The Decorations-

  • Firetruck Poster at the front door lets the guests know they have arrived at the party


The Activities-  

  • Field Trip - Call your local fire department and arrange a tour of the station!!  The firefighters will often include a talk on safety and allow the kids to board one of the fire trucks!  Take our Firehouse Peanut Popcorn Balls and Firefighter Cheesy Popcorn  along for the road.   Don't forget the camera so you can share the fun on Facebook. 
  • Firefighter Game - All you need is included!!
  • Where's the fire? - It's a race to find the fire!  Working in teams of two, the first team to locate and put out the fire wins.  Arm your 'Junior Firemen' with Fire Extinguisher Squirt Guns).  Mom your job is to create (then hide) a faux fire (Cutout orange and yellow construction paper in the shape of flames add fake smoke - Mini Fog Machine).  Now, set the kids loose to find and fight the fire!

The Party Favors-

The Prizes-


The Menu-

The Beverage-

The Music-

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