Ahhh, the FORBIDDEN fruit ...  Throughout history the apple has been at the center of occasional controversy (remember Adam and Eve, William Tell and Snow White??).  Today, it doesn't represent much drama; we simply love this fruit for it's delicious crunch and sweetness. When a new crop hits the stands we know Autumn is here.  Invite fellow apple lovers over to celebrate fall with an

Apple Festival!!!


The Invitation:


Theses invites are as bright and crisp as 'just picked' apples!



The Scene:

The Activities:

  • Name the Apple  It's tasting time!  Select a variety of apples, there are many to choose from- Macintosh, Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala, Braeburn...To name a few.  Cut each apple into wedges, one for each guest.  Place the wedges for each variety on a numbered plate.  Give every guest a list of the plate numbers and have them guess which apple variety is on each plate.  The most correct answers wins.
  • How Many Varieties?  Hand out the paper and pencil, set the time...Ready, Set, GO!!  Ask your guests to name as many varieties of apples as they can within 15 minutes.  The most wins!!
  • Apple Art- Hand out an apple and a carving knife to each guest.  Directions...Create an art piece!  The apple voted most artistic is the winner.

The Favors

The Prizes


The Menu

The Beverage

The Music