An Evening in the Kasbah 


   Climb on your camel and follow the Silk Road through Morocco; spend the day in the Souk and the evening in the Kasbah!! 


Break with traditional invitations and send your guests these scrolls containing all the party info.  Or, for a more traditional paper invite we like these....

Set the Scene

Morocco is all about vibrant colors and exotic smells.


  • Hire a belly dancer to perform, and teach your guests to belly dance (check with local Middle Eastern restaurants for recommendations).  Or show a belly dancing video, and let them learn this seductive dancing on the own.
  • Have a "belly dance-off".  Have guests vote on the best dancer.
  • Test your guests knowledge of Moroccan Cuisine.


Start the meal by giving each guest a hand towel, have them hold their hands over a large bowl and  pour warm Moroccan Rose Water over their hands.  Have them dry their hands with the hand towel and collect the towels.  Now..... Encourage your guests to eat with their hands (using  bread as a "utensil").  This is a tradition in Morocco!