A perfect celebration for the little 'cute as a button' addition to your family.  Whether you are celebrating an impending birth, newborn or a first birthday we've got you covered!  That precious bundle deserves special recognition of their adorableness!!


Bake up a batch of these 'cute as a button' cookies and secure to the front of plain notecard stock with dabs of frosting.  Enclose in plastic wrap and send off to your guests for special invites.  Be sure to include all the party details on the cards before you attach the cookies.  For a quick and easy 'cookie bake' we like Pillsbury Ready to Bake Sugar Cookies.  Just use your imagination to decorate!


Set the Scene

Glue a button border on a plastic tablecloth for the buffet table.

String oversized buttons together for a colorful garland!

Use a clear glass vase with colorful buttons (filled with water) as a base for your flower bouquet of bacheor buttons.

Place a large button on the doorbell at the front door.

Place round, button shaped ookies and candies in covered glass jars on the buffet table

Don't forget the DOG...with this cute as can be Doggy T-shirt.


Button toss - Place a large tub in the party space.  Have each child stand on a marked spot that is 10-12 feet away.  They are each given 5 buttons to toss in the tub.  The child or children with the most buttons in the tub wins a prize!

How many buttons? Fill a jar with buttons or purchase a jar of buttons.  Give each guest a pencil and paper. Mom's and kids guess how many buttons are in the jar, and then place their guesses in a basket to be tallied at the end of the party.  The closest guess wins!

Whose got the button? Each guest is given a button when they arrive.  There is one unique button.  The holder of the special button wins a prize!

jar of buttons


Cute as a Button...Buttons

Candy Buttons

 cute as a button 35quot button


Cute as a Button Teddy

Cute as a Button Tote

Button Art

Pretzel buttons


Crispy Cheese Buttons

Artichoke Buttons

Marinated Button Mushrooms

Pretzel Buttons

Baby Button Cookies


Pearl Button Cocktail (For Moms only!!)


Children's Favorites - Disney