Fall Harvest &

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Craft Beer Tasting Party

Wine tasting parties are extremely popular, but wine isn't everyone's beverage of choice!  With all the great micro breweries around, there are hundreds of beers to choose from.  Plan your first Fall Harvest & Craft Beer Tasting Party...Make it an annual event, for family and friends to gather and celebrate the season!!!

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The Invite


Use white pumpkins to invite your guests to this celebration of Fall. Ask everyone to bring a locally brewed ale, stout or lager to contribute to the craft beer tasting.  A prize will be awarded for the most popular beer.

The Scene

You may not have a barn to party in, but you can add...

And, you have created your own 'barn like' atmosphere!!

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The Activities

  • Beer tasting - Each guest will be given a 'tasting tray', containing a sampling of different craft beers (use the beers supplied by your guests).  Place 5 to 6 beer mug shot glasses , all containing a different beer, on each tray.  Make certain that every tray has the same selection of beers.  Use a secret numbering system to keep track of the corresponding beers and shot glasses.  Have guests vote on their favorite beer.  The guest that supplies the winning beer receives a prize!  For those who are serious beer lovers; here is a guide to an official beer tasting! 
  • Cider tasting - For the kids!  Have a selection of cider flavors on hand and have a tasting that mirrors the adults'.  This lets the kids take part in the fun.   
  • Keg Rolling Contest - Have each adult select a partner.  One partner will be blindfolded and roll the keg.  The other will stand at the finish line and direct his/her partner.  The first person and keg to cross the finish line wins.  All begins with a READY, SET, GO!!
  • Pumpkin Rolling Race- For the kids.  Divide the group into teams of 3 or 4 members.  Set a post 20 to 30 feet from the starting point.  The race begins with the first child rolling a pumpkin to the post.  Now, circle around the post and head back to the team.  The next member does the same until all team members have crossed the finish line.  The first team to complete the race wins.


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The Favors

The Prizes 

The Menu

Our menu is a nod to the 'Grand Daddy' of Fall celebrations...Oktoberfest!



  The Beverage

The Music


Counting Crows - August and Everything After