For many of us, leaving our doggie BFFs at home, while we attend a party is a bittersweet experience.  So this summer, why not invite your dog loving friends to a party where cold, wet noses are valued and DOGS RULE! Host a

'Dog Days of Summer'Party


Listen to this party's music 


Use a cute pooch photo to create your own invitation.  Just drag it onto your desktop then attach to the invite.  Request that dogs come dressed up.  Even better, if their outfit matches their owner's!!




Set the Scene

If you don't have a fully fenced yard you can move the party to your local 'off leash' park and have a picnic while the doggies play!  Check with your Parks Department for the rules.

  • 'Follow the paw prints to the party'.  Stamp 'dog friendly' paw prints, leading the way to the backyard (make the stamps by using a 4" and a 1'' round sponge to create paw prints.  To make the paint; combine corn starch, food coloring and water to reach the proper color and consistancy).
  • Use brown and tan plaid fabric to cover the serving table.  Introduce aqua and green ribbon accents for a punch of color. 
  • Bouquets of paw print balloons.
  • Large plastic 'martini glasses' used as dog water bowls.  Glue the base of the glasses to a square of painted (in the party's colors) plywood to stablize.
  • Fill the dog water bowls with water and bone shaped ice cubes.
  • Voluminous glass canisters, of various sizes, filled with both dog and human treats (we found this idea on crativepartyplace.com!).  Be sure to lable the contents!
  • Plates of gourmet dog cookies.




  • Created a 'Doggie Spa' with massages for all guests with tails.
  • 'Dog Play Time' while their parents party.
  • Hire a local professional photographer to take 'Doggie and Me' portraits of the guests.
  • 'Fashion Show'.  Have guests vote on the best dog and parent costumes.
  • 'Show and Tell'  Have the four legged guests show off their tricks ("sit", "shake", "roll over"...)
  • Donation collection for your local "no kill" shelter.






Party Prizes 

Party Favors




Serve the four legged guests dog friendly ice cream and homemade dog treats.  For the humans, we recommend featuring a Hot 'Dog' Bar....





'Jazz for Peanuts' by David Bonoit...Starring our favorite beagle, Snoopy, is the perfect musical backdrop for this party!





Now then......That was fun, wasn't it??