Argentina was colonized by Spain in 1527.  Over the centuries it has been celebrated for its sophistication, classic architecture, colorful urban neighborhoods, wonderful food, world class wines and most noteably....The Tango

Invite friends over to celebrate this intriging culture.  Host an

Argentine Tango Party!!

Listen to this party's music 



La Boca Barrio


Use this image of the La Boca Barrio (or, district) in Buenos Aires, to invite your guests.  La Boca, established by immigrants from Genoa Italy, is known for its colorful buildings and Tango in the streets.  Just save this image to your desktop and create your own invitation!  Ask your guests to come dressed as Tango dancers.

Set the Scene

Use the colors of La Boca Barrio for your color pallette.

  • Drape the serving table with melon colored fabric and top with mustard colored fabric.
  • Insert  wine bottle candleabras in empty Argentine wine bottles and place on the serving table.
  • Place a Tango Bar poster on the wall.
  • Use Italian inspired decorated platters (in honor of the immigrants that established the La Boca Barrio) to serve the food



  • Tango, Tango, Tango!! Hire a Latin Dance Instructor to teach your guests the flicks and kicks of this sultry and romatic dance.  Or use a 'how to Tango' DVD.
  • 'Who dressed the part best?' Contest- Have guests vote on the person who looks most like a Tango dancer.
  • 'Who Tangos the Most Convincingly?'  Have guests vote on the best Tango dancer.

Party Prizes

Party Favors


Eva (Evita) Peron as she addressed her adoring public in 1951



Argentina is famous for it's meat, especially the beef.  Serve a Paradilla (the Argentine version of a mixed grill) as the main dish.  


Serve a selection of Argentine wines to your guests.  Although, Buenos Aires enjoys a lively cocktail scene, the majority of locals most enjoy a glass of Argentine Malbec or Pinot Gris.





Adios Argentina!