Harry Potter #7...Deathly Hallows (Part 2)

It's Party Time

The last fourteen years J.K. Rowling fans have anxiously awaited each release of her latest Harry Potter adventure!  Lines formed outside of bookstores, online searches soared and movies followed, bringing Harry to the big screen.  The final cinema release is soon to be in theaters and a celebration is in order!  Invite your Harry Potter loving friends for a post movie or an HP fan's birthday to enjoy, relive and partake in a Harry Potter Party!!

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This invitation is just the ticket to allow admission to a party at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, celebrating Harry Potter #7.  Easy online access allows you to customize the color and content to fit your Harry Potter Party!



Entry - A talking Dumbledore Wizard Hat (see activities) placed on a small table draped with a black tablecloth.  Set dry ice under the table so the smoke rises around the table and hat.

Food Table - Cover with a black tablecloth and sprinkle with silver stars and gold moons glitter.  Paper plates, napkins and cups make clean up a snap!

Around the room - Set lanterns, just like the one Harry used to creep the halls of Gryffindorf and visit Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest.

Signs - A Platform 9 3/4 poster on the bathroom door...The same platform Harry and the other wizard students used to enter Hogwarts at Kings Cross Station.   

Harry Potter Cauldron - Fill the cauldron with Hogwarts diplomas (one for each guest to pass out at the end of the party to certify their completion at Hogwarts academy)

Activities:  (Give each guest a sticker each time an event (Transfiguration, Magician, Defense, Quiditch, Food) is completed to be redeemed for prizes at Zonko's Joke Shop.

  • Transfiguration:  At the front door place a wizard hat with a cell phone (on speaker) underneath...have someone in the other room greet each guest by name and direct them to where the party is!
  • Magician:  Invite a clever friend or hire a magician to perform magic tricks at the party using a Harry Potter theme.
  • Quidditch:  A popular Hogswart game played on flying broomsticks...Divide the guests into two teams (Beannie hats designate who is who...Gryffindorf vs. Slytherin).  Each guest is given a broomstick.  A large beach ball is placed in the center of the field, with goal posts at either end.  The object of the game is for teams to move the ball to their team's goal post, using the brooms.  The team to score the most points within 45 minutes is declared the winner.  Use the same rules as field hockey.
  • Zonko's Joke Shop - Set up a mini store for guests to redeem their stickers for HP merchandise.









Music from the Harry Potter Films