A Friday the 13th Party 
(Friday July 13, 2012)
Friday the 13th... Long believed to be the unluckiest of days.  Prove the superstition wrong and invite friends to celebrate your collective good luck and fortune!! 

Let a black cat invite your guests.  Just be careful.... don't let it cross your path!  You can customize the message with this invitation !

Set the Scene


Set up a ladder in the entryway.  Have guests walk under it when they arrive at the party. 

Place open umbrellas around the room. 

Hang (or place on easels) "superstitious" posters around the room; think horse shoes, four leaf clovers, ladybugs and black cats. 

Sprinkle pennies on table surfaces. 

Place pieces of broken mirror on the serving table. 

Place a salt shaker on its side beside a pile of sea salt on the serving table.  

Bowls of M&Ms personalized with the "Lucky Number 7"!!



  • A photo op- with guests standing under the ladder. 
  • Test your guests' luck with a game of chance.  Assign each guest a number as they arrive.  Place a duplicate of the guests' numbers in a hat.  Plan a series of drawings throughout the party.... The winners receive lottery tickets, giving them another chance to test their luck!! 
  • "Finish the Superstition".  
  • Hire a local palm reader to read your guests' life lines.  
Party Favors  

Foods have fueled superstitions for ages..... Serve your guests this eclectic menu of "lucky" dishes:


  • Pomegranate Margarita (the pomegranate has long been associated with abundance and, well (gulp)- fertility.... YIKES!!!).