Shiver Me Timbers!
It's a
 Pirate Birthday Party!!
Tall ships, swashbucklers, gold doubloons and pieces of eight....
Hundreds of years later, the intrigue of pirates still delights at any age.
Yo-ho,Yo-ho, calling me Hearties to sail!!  Send these invites to your lil buccaneer's mates, inviting them to this Pirate Birthday Party.  Include a gold coin or a piece of a treasure map to get the kids excited about the fun to come! 
Set the Scene
  •  A Treasure Hunt of course.  Kids love to find hidden treasures.  With younger children, simply hide chocolate coins, like you would Easter eggs.  For older children, give them written clues that take them to locations where they will find other clues.  The last clue (5-8 in all) is where they will find the hidden treasure!!
  • Walk the plank - On Captain's orders, all mates must walk the plank.  Place a 2x4 board on the floor.  Blind fold each player and have them 'walk the plank'.  All pirates who make it to the end, without stepping off the 'plank', receive a gold coin. 
  • Take photos of everyone decked out in their eye patches and bandannas in front of this ship's deck background.
  • Swab the Deck - Form 2 teams, then send half the kids from each team to the other side of the room.  One child from each team 'swabs the deck', using a broom or mop to push a ping pong ball to a team member on the other side of the room.  Keep going back and forth until all players have had a turn.   First team to finish wins!
Booty (loot or treasure)
Party Favors
Party Prizes
Grub (Menu)


Grog (Beverage)

Fair Winds, Me Bucko!!