Baby Shower....It’s a BOY, NO....It’s a GIRL!   
Oh who cares, it’s a BABY! 

         Today’s Baby shower often means we already know if it's a boy or a girl.  What fun ... we can be gender specific in our decorations and gifts.  Make this a day for the Mom To Be (MTB) and... The Scrapbook!


Today’s MTB is a busy gal….often has a career, and is preparing to be a Mom!   She emails her friends to stay in touch and so, we say Evite!!
Set the Scene:
  • Diaper cakes make great center pieces.
  • One large table, or smaller tables joined to make one, so everyone can sit together and enjoy the guest of honor.  Check your local party rental store, or invest in these tables for future use!!
  • Dress the table(s) with a continuous skirt and pink or blue cloth. 
  • Balloons- color coordinated with the party colors.
  • Pass the tray:  Fill a tray with 20+ baby related items and pass it around for guests to view (each guest gets a 15 second peek).  Remove the tray and have guests write down all the items they can remember.  The best memory wins.
  • Guess:  Fill a giant baby bottle with candy and ask guests to write down the number of pieces they think are in the bottle.  Closest guess wins.
  • Measure the tummy:  Pass a ball of string and each guest cuts off the length they believe the MTB's” tummy measures.  The closest measurement wins.
  • Guess the birth date and time: This prize will be delivered after the baby is born.  Each guest is asked to guess the date and time of the birth (have them record their guesses on note cards).  After the party the hostess will send updates, as to who is still in the running...a great way to keep all informed on the status of the "MTB"! 
  • Lots of photos:  A follow-up email to each guest with a link to the party photos. 
Prizes:  Most of the guests are young mom’s and they too deserve to be pampered.
  • Spa in a bag
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Baby sitting coupon - Arrange with your favorite babysitter to give the winner a night out.
  • A pedicure - A gift card from your favorite local salon.
Party Favors:
  • A frame (pink or blue) containing the guest's pic with the “MTB”:  You will need a digital camera and printer.
    Menu: Midday fare!


Music: Lullaby CD - Great for the "MTB" to take home!
 Hostess Fashion Tip (HFT):
  • Schedule a pedicure the day before the big event... a great way to treat yourself and relax!
  • Keep it casual, fun and girly!  Coordinate your outfit with the gender of the baby to be. Wear your favorite jeans (or comfy slacks) with this great top.  Make it pink for a girl or blue for a boy!!