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 A Gender Reveal Party!  

It is a special moment when 'parents-to-be' find out if they're having a boy or a girl.  Even more special, is sharing that moment with family and friends!  At 20 weeks the ultra sound can reveal the gender of the baby.  To keep it a surprise; instead of the technician telling the parents the idenity of their baby, have him/her write the gender of the baby on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.  Now have the parents give the envelope to you (the host of the party!), so you can take it to your local bakery.  Give the baker special instructions to bake either a pink or blue cake (depending on the baby's gender) and cover it with a non-generic colored frosting.  Once the cake is cut the baby's gender will be revealed to all!  Until then.....Only the baker knows!  




Create an invite that poses the question... Is it a Boy or a Girl?  Share the special moment with 'Tom & Jane' as they learn the gender of their 'baby to be'.  This is not a shower.  So, specify 'no gifts'...After all, baby showers are still to come!!  This is about close friends and family celebrating together.

Scene Use a neutral palate...gray, soft yellow and white

   Create a banner in party colors that announces the 'Jones' Baby!

   Food is served on white porcelain

   Drape the table in gray

   Use soft yellow to accent- Flowers & napkins

   Center piece...THE CAKE 



Whats the Baby's Gender?  Everyone takes part and guesses whether it is a girl or a boy.  Record the guesses on a Chalk Board for all to see. Divide the board in half, title one side boy and one side girl.  Place tally marks underneath as each guest guesses.  Hand out pink or blue slips to the guests as they place their guess.   The answer is in the cake.  When the cake is cut (by the guests of honor),  all will know the baby's gender.  Winners are awarded a prize when they turn in their pink or blue slip of paper!
Name Game-  'Mom & Dad-To-Be' need a little help with names!  Give each guest a piece of paper with the name of the 'Mom and Dad-To-Be' at the top.  The guests are asked to create names for 'Baby-To-Be' using only the letters from the Mom & Dad's name, including no more than the number of times the letters are used in the names.  The guest with the most 'qualified' names, wins!  
What Rhyme?  During the party play the suggested nursery rhyme music selection.  Toward the end of the party ask guests to list as many nursery rhymes, by name, that they heard throughout the party.  Most correct answers wins! 


       M&Ms printed with a "?"  

       Pacifier Key chains (they come in blue too!)



      Pink Champagne  


        Pink Martini (CD)

       Blue Man Group (CD)

    Menu   To satisfy the cravings of a pregnant woman...

       Oven Fried Zucchini Sticks

       Deep Fried Pickles

       Banana, PB & Onion Grilled Sandwiches

       Tomato Basil Finger Sandwiches

       Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies


       LaCroix Flavored Sparkling Waters

       Wine & Beer




         Classic Nursery Rhymes