Easter Dinner Celebration
For many, Easter is a religious celebration. 
For others it is a 'salute to spring'. 
Either way, it's a celebration of rebirth!!
Easter is named after Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. 
There are many Easter designs to choose from at Polkadotdesign.com.  This site lets you customize your invitation, has very reasonable prices and it's easy to order!!!  We liked the simplicity and clean lines of this one, and the colors fit with our theme.
Set the Scene
  • Choose a color theme.  We've used shades of lavendar, coral, chartreuse and yellow.  Your table setting, centerpiece, food decoration should all complement the colors you've selected.
  • Hang an Easter banner on the front door for a bright welcome.
  • Table linens in your color theme.
  • Create a center piece with tulips that fit your color palate.
  • Fill clear bowls with Jelly Bellys (Kiwi, Cantaloupe, Grape Crush and Sunkist Lemon- would fit our color theme).
  • Candles in clear vases surrounded with more jelly beans.
  • Edible Easter grass arranged around vases and bowls.
  • While in the kitchen, cooking will be fun wearing these Easter Aprons!!
  • Egg decorating is certainly a must, but first make sure you have the perfect hard boiled eggs
  • An Easter egg hunt is fun for for all ages.  Here's an unexpected twist that will surprise everyone.  Create photo eggs for each of your guests.  Hide them around the house (or yard) and instruct the guests to find their "special egg". 
  •  Games like Bunny Ring Toss or Egg Rolling Race will keep your guests entertained.
Party Favors
Party Prizes
   Main Course: 
   Dessert: Easter Basket Cake