A Toast to Valentine’s Day  
It’s a Love AFFAIR...!
We would like to say that St. Valentine was the inspiration for this romantic holiday, however, that's simply not accurate... who knew?  We have our own version involving (of course) CUPID…that nymph with the bow.  Yes, it was he who has struck hearts through the ages; from Romeo and Juliet to Liz and Richard and certainly, Brad and Angelina.  We could continue... however it is time to PAHR-TEE….read on!
    An evite….Yesss!  Invite your favorite love birds...!
  • Do YOU know your partner?
  • Sweet exchange - Partners face each other blindfolded, with their hands tied behind their backs.  Each couple has a bowl of (about10) Hershey Kisses, still in their wrappers.  The object is for one partner to to pick up a kiss with their mouth.  And, then working as a team they unwrap and eat the kiss.  Remember.... NO HANDS!!  The first couple finished wins!
  • Twister - An oldie but a FUN one!
  •  Cupid…Stupid!!  Give each couple a roll of toilet paper and directions to dress their partner as cupid with TP…photo op!!

  • A bottle of Champagne (or, Sparkling Wine - our favorite ,and just between us -CHEAP!….Trader Joe’s Schloss Biebrich).
  • Movie gift card for two, from your local cinema  Makes a great date night for one lucky couple!
Party Favors:
(For each couple)


Choose a menu that will have your guests saying 'Amore'!! 

Strawberries, pretzels, pound cake for dipping! Use your imagination, we think chocolate goes with everything!!

Your guests will enjoy this collection of love songs- Valentines Day Favorites
Or pick your favorites…here are some of ours: