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Make-it Ahead Thanksgiving
 A time to enjoy family and friends. A time to relax and be thankful.
A time for stress free entertaining.
Plan it ahead, make it ahead and enjoy the day!!


    We love these "pretty as can be"
    Thanksgiving  invites!  Be sure to
    request an RSVP... So you'll know
    how many places to set at your
    Thanksgiving table!!  
Set The Scene
  • The table is simple and elegant with your fine china.  Or better yet, this timeless  white dinnerware and crystal wine glasses (ok, ok who is going to know they aren't really crystal?).
  • Linens?  Absolutely!  It's a day for the tablecloth, linen napkins and place cards (purchase small photo frames, insert a picture of each guest and place on the table to designate seating).
  • Centerpiece - Keep it low and simple to show off the food and ensure your guests can easily communicate.  A curly willow branch (straight from the woods) placed on the center of the table with a  leaf garland and candles intertwined... The perfect touch!
  • An autumn wreath welcomes your guests at the front door.
  • Guest towels  in the powder room add a touch of color and acknowledge the season.
  •   Napkin Folding- Give each guest directions for folding a "turkey napkin".  Prizes go to the first finished and the best looking (everyone votes). 
  •   Give thanks around the table- The first guest whispers the thing they're most thankful for in the ear of the person to their right.  That guest then whispers the thing they are most thankful for, in addition to what the last guest has whispered in their ear, to the person on their right.  Continue around the table.  The last person will repeat everyone's "most thankful thing" including the thing they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Sure to guarnatee some laughs!!
  •   The Turkey Trot - Great for the kids!!  Gather the kids in a circle.  While the music is playing the kids toss a bean bag around.  When the music stops the child holding the bag is eliminated.  The last one left is declared the winner!!
  •   New Traditions- As our family has grown we have added a new tradition to Thanksgiving. At the end of the evening we all put our names in a hat and draw for a Christmas gift exchange. The host/hostess for the Christmas celebration determines the gift theme. Last year's theme was "hobbies"(the year before was "something red")  This has been great fun and less stress for all!!
Thanksgiving is a holiday of traditions.  This year start a new one with an easy, make ahead menu (don't worry....your house will still have that yummy, turkey day smell!!). With all the work done in advance (following this indispensable Thanksgiving Timeline), you'll have time to relax and spend with family and friends! For guests that offer to bring a dish...Why not email them a recipe that fits into your menu? This keeps you in control of what goes on the table and gives your guest a new recipe....A Win-Win for everyone!!


A time to give thanks.  Here are few of our favs...