On Comet, On Cupid, On Donner, On Blitzen....

Celebrate the Christmas holidays with a weekend Brunch followed by a round of

Reindeer Games

Let the Games Begin!!

Listen to this party's music 


Use a reindeer to invite your guests.  Request that they start at your place for brunch then head to the Mall for the Reindeer Games!



Set the Scene

Of course, start with a Christmas tree, then add....



Unscramble the Reindeer Names- Scramble the name's of Santa's reindeer and print them on sheets of paper (enough so that each guest will receive a list).  Once everyone has arrived hand out the lists. Start the game at "Go". The first guest to correctly unscramble all the names wins a prize.

Reindeer Games-  Once your guests have finished brunch, put everyone's name in a hat and have each person draw a name.  Now head to the mall for the 'Reindeer Games'.  Ask everyone to 1) take as many reindeer photos on their cell phone as they can find in the mall 2) purchase a gift within the set $$ limit; for the person who's name they've drawn.  Request that everyone meet back at a restaurant in the mall in 2 hours.  Now, over cocktails, have guests exchange gifts with the person who's name they've drawn. Then. have guests vote on the most inventive gift- award a prize.  And finally, award a prize to the person who's captured the most reindeer photos on their cell phone.


Party Prizes


Party Favors

Antler headbands (to wear while participating in the Reindeer Games





Oh, the weather outside is freightful, but the fire is so delightful......

Relient K- Let It Snow Baby.... Let it Reindeer




Merry Christmas to all....

And, to all.... A Goodnight!!