da da da dum (snap, snap), da da da dum (snap, snap), da da da dum (snap,snap)...


They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky, They're altogether ooky,
The Addams Family

Halloween Party

A perfect trick or treat alternative!  Your kids will enjoy it even more when you ask them to  help you plan this party for their friends.


Customize your invite to read:  The Addams Family has invited you to spend the  E E E V E N I N G  with them.  Be sure to wear your favorite Addams Family costume for the 'Who is Wearing it Best' contest! 



  • Oustide - A fog machine set under the porch to create an eerie entrance, tombstones set about the front yard  
  • Inside - Thing (A hand set in a box), spider webs hanging from the ceiling, A life size animated bat hanging in the closet, white sheets covering the furniture and flickering (battery operated) candles to light the party


  • 'Trick or Treat'- The kids may not being going door to door throughout the neighborhood, but they can still enjoy trick or treating!  Give each child a bag to collect their treasures.  Place a bowl of candy and a wrapped box behind each door in the house (Every door will have a wrapped box however only one of the wrapped boxes will have a real prize in it).  Every 15 to 20 minutes ring a bell.  Each time the bell sounds, have the kids race to a door and select a candy or prize.  One guest per door, if a guest does not make it to a door they will have a chance next time. The guests unwrap their boxes at the end of the party to see who the big winner is.
  • 'Who is Wearing it Best' Costume Contest - Play the Addams Family theme song and have the guests parade around in their costumes.  Hand out a secret ballot to each guest and have them vote on the best costume.
  • The Touchy Feely Test -  Place 6 bowls, each filled with a different food item, on a table.  Give each bowl a name; brains (pasta), eyeballs (olives), etc.  Blindfold the kids and ask them to name the 'contents' of the bowl.  The guest with the most correct answers wins!!
  • Spider Paddle ball - Give each contestant a paddle ball.  On 'ready, set, go' the game begins.  Three tries and the guest with the most continuous hits wins.  Each player gets to keep their paddle ball.





Menu - Inspired byDisney Family Fun





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