The Chicken Dance


We selected this activity for our Oktoberfest party, but it's a GREAT one to get any party started.  We recommend starting with the host and/or hostess giving a full demonstration for those who have never participated in the Chicken Dance before.

  1. Have everyone stand in a circle facing into the center.
  2. When the music starts, hold hands out in front and open and close them like a chicken beak four times.
  3. Put thumbs in armpits and flap wings four times.
  4. Place arms and hands like the tail feathers of a chicken and wiggle down to the floor four times.
  5. Clap four times.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 four times.
  7. After the fourth time take the hands of the people on either side of you and everyone moves in a circle.
  8. When everyone gets dizzy, switch directions.
  9. Repeat until the music ends or until everyone has fallen on the floor.
If you need a demonstration check out this video.

There is always one standout who does this dance really well, or at least has everyone laughing.  Make sure that person gets a prize.