This project is easy enough for young children, and one that the older children can easily do on their own.  But, don't be surprised if even the adults have fun making these tissue paper flower creations.
What You Will Need:
Colorful tissue paper
Pipe cleaners
4" clay pots
paint (acrylic or "patio" paint, both are safe for children) and/or stickers
paint brushes
Floral foam
How to Create:

A picture is worth a thousand words.  This video demonstrates how to make tissue paper flowers .... You're practically guaranteed to become an expert. 
Now for the container.... Clay pots with a piece of floral foam, cut to fit in tightly, will hold your flower creations.  The foam should be cut into pieces that are 2"-3" deep and wide enough to push tightly into the pot.  If the foam does not fit tightly, you can use glue to attach it to the inside of the pot.  Let the glue dry completely before inserting flowers. Now the pots can be dressed up by painting the exterior, or the younger kids can just apply stickers. Voila!!  You now have containers ready for your beautiful tissue flowers!!!