Who's Got Your Back?

This is a great party starter!!  On name tags, purchased from the office supply store, write the name of someone famous in the fifties (or a time period that fits the theme of your party).  As guests arrive, attach one of the tags to their back.  Instruct them to not discuss or ask about the tag until the game begins.  For the guest of honor use their own name, a teacher or relatives name (the idea is that they have a name they will never be able to guess correctly).  When all of the guests have arrived the game begins.  The object is for each guest to determine the name on their back.  Instruct them to ask just one yes/no question per guest (this will get your guests mingling).   The first person to guess correctly wins.  You can also have second place and a special prize for the last person to guess.  You don't need the prizes to make this fun!!